• DOY-1280DS: Designed to produce several pouch types, either in Doypack pouch (Stand-up pouch) or flat pouch from film reel.
  • DOY-1280DSZ: Equipped with zipper function based on DOY-1280S machine. The ziploc pouches are stable and with good appearance.
  • DOY-1280DSC: Equipped with spout & cap function based on DOY-1280S machine. It guarantees perfect spout sealing, without product leakage. It can make pouches of up to 600ml filling capacity and achieve high production output of 90-120 ppm. Different shapes available.

The machine is of robust design with excellent performance features and fitted with very advanced technology using servo drive to track printed film.

The machine is easy to adjust and access via the front door, 10" human interface to give full control and diagnostics to the operator. 

The machine fulfils the strict hygiene and safety standards and is qualified in packaging various types of products, such as, granule, powder, liquid, block, cream, etc., as depending on different assistant filling devices.

Inquire for product information and variant at info@automationsl.com.

DOYPACK high speed

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