Suitable for symmetrical and non-symmetrical containers, shapes ranging from square, round and oval.

Built from extruded aluminum and stainless steel 304, this machines as left and right labelling heads.

Each head applicator can be adjusted up/down, in/out, and angled to ensure the label can be precisely and accurately positioned on the container.

The state-of-the-art labelling head with servo motor ensures accurate and consistent label positioning.

Most containers and labels can be handled without changing parts.

What is included:

  • Bottle spacer at the infeed X 2 including speed inverter Delta.
  • Wrap around belt for round bottles.
  • Alignment bottles belts X 2.
  • Servo motor X 2 Delta for front and back label head applicator.
  • Over head belt to hold bottles on the main conveyor for accurate label positioning.
  • 2 speed mode on the main conveyor: Low or High. Label applicator head adjust automatically to the speed selected.
  • Thermo transfer Date coding unit including full sets of letters.


  • Bottle size: Height 10-330mm, width where label is applied 10-500mm, thickness of bottle 10-150mm.
  • Label size: Length 10-500mm, Height 10-170mm.
  • Speed up to 100 bottles per minutes, subject to label length.
  • Main conveyor L3000mm, W100mm 

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Square/Round Labeller

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