About Us

automationSL is an importer of machinery from around the world. Our expertise in Mechatronic gives us the opportunity to give you the best machine possible at the best price. All our machines are carefully selected and order to our specifications. We select Servo Drive, PLC and program the machine to your requirement.

Why? We are in control of the machines and do not rely on supplier's for technical assistance. What separates us apart from competition is our capability to provide you the best after sale service and full technical support. We understand our machines and will get you back working in no time in a breakdown situation.

What does it mean for you?

  • Less production time lost. 

  • Quicker response to new products introduced to the production line.

  • Economical after sale service and solutions offered in Australia.

  • Off-The-Shelf electric and mechanical components.

  • Electrical drawings and software support.